Spreadsheets and paper timesheets can get quite messy; everyone has their style of writing and trying to interpret what has been written can cause a lot of confusion. In addition to this, manually calculating time worked, or looking for shifts you are requested to work on, can be extremely time-consuming.

So, we have come up with 5 reasons why you NEED to digitalise your Time Attendance and Schedule Management solution as soon as possible!

1. It simplifies payroll

Tracking employee time, especially in a work environment like care homes can be a tedious task. Many care homes tend to use either paper timesheets, which can get extremely messy, or thumbprint machines, which tend to lack any technology to allow you to see who’s on-site, who came in late or who clocked out early. What’s more is you have to either manually count up all the hours or download PDF reports on-site, which don’t allow you the flexibility to copy data into your payroll software.

With the help of time tracking software like RotaCubed, you can automate the task of time attendance. This has a direct impact on shortening the process of payroll preparation. You don’t even have to visit the site to collect the data, simply export the data from the cloud. Having an all in one cloud-based software saves hours of planning and eliminates spreadsheets and paperwork.

2. Effective rostering

Track staffing levels at your care home throughout the day. Ensure caregivers are available to meet the needs of your residents at all times. Having effective schedule management software will help you track staffing levels, roster costs, and contract hours, all while managing your budget.

Weekly schedules can also be copied to another week, adjusted and published in seconds, saving you time and effort when it comes to making any changes and notifying your team.

3. Reduces costs and increases productivity

When you start managing all types of absence like sick days and holiday entitlements, you can reduce the cost implications and positively impact the budget of the care home. With the help of real-time and scheduled reports, the HR team can address any issues that may arise due to the absence of your caregivers.

4. Reporting and access to employee status panel

With the help of time attendance and schedule management software, you can access real-time reports and get full control over the information. As a part of the HR team, it’s imperative to look at the absences, late, and leaving early trends for better management of your care home.

5. Prevent human error

Despite using computational devices and spreadsheets, human errors are still possible. With the help of automated time attendance and schedule management software, like RotaCubed you can eliminate payroll errors, inaccuracies in data and tracking employee time without manipulation.

RotaCubed is an exceptional cloud-based software designed for a shift-based work environment, like in care homes. This all in one platform helps you better manage your workforce more efficiently without any paperwork. RotaCubed allows you to approve leave requests online, track time quickly and effectively, create weekly schedules/rotas in minutes and so much more! Everything you need is available through our user-friendly software.

Care homes require around-the-clock staffing. Every business must have effective time management and attendance solution. Gone are the days of individual cards and manual timekeeping. It’s time to implement new and efficient technology to help you manage the attendance, holiday requests, and weekly schedules. They not only eliminate payroll errors but also maximise the efficiency of your whole team. RotaCubed can help bring your business to the 21st Century.


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