Create Weekly Rotas in Minutes

Creating weekly rotas has never been easier! Simply drag in shifts and hit publish when you're ready to push out the weekly schedule to your team.


Ways to Schedule

Drag, Drop & Publish

Our user-friendly interface means making schedules is easier than ever! Why use excel or paper to create schedules when you can use a clean, intuitive & simple tool to create rotas and get them published to your team in minutes.

Make Scheduling Faster

To make scheduling faster, we’ve implemented a simple but important tool to Copy & Paste a shift or week, making scheduling even faster!

Schedule & Repeat!

Now you can create weekly templates where certain employees can work the same shift each week. Once created, you can apply it to future weeks, make any changes and hit publish!

Avoid inputting individual shifts onto the rota and reply on prior week templates.

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Fill up Open Shifts

Have any shifts you want to leave open for your employees to apply to? This can be done using open shifts. Employees can apply for a shift that they’re happy to work. Once approved, it will show up as a scheduled shift.


Print Rotas in Seconds

Maybe you’re looking to print off a weekly Rota to keep on-site? SignFlow allows exactly this! Hit print on the Schedule view and your weekly Rota will be generated, ready to keep on-site or file away for compliance.

Schedule for the Many!

Your business might have 1 location or 1000s of locations. No matter your size, we’ve got you covered. Create as many locations as you need, then schedule for each location without any limitations.


Intergrate with (Coming Soon)

Push out an Open Shift to Maykshift and avoid spending hours on the phone chasing up multiple agencies to fill up a single shift!

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