Your employees are extremely valuable to your business and ensuring they get paid correctly and accurately is very important. If your company operates using a rota based shift system, productivity can be improved by ensuring your employees are doing the right job at the right time. For many years, businesses across the globe have been keeping track of their employees’ time attendance; and individual card punching, paper timesheets and old clunky thumbprint machines are now a thing of the past.

In today’s digital age, advanced time attendance systems can handle anything from completing rota preparation to making sure you have all of the necessary technology in place to automatically and reliably calculate your employee’s pay. We’ve decided to outline the key advantages of using automated systems to keep track of time and attendance.

1. No more spreadsheets!

If you have ever used spreadsheets to arrange your employees’ shifts, you know how time-consuming this can be. A good time attendance system has a simple rota management screen where you can create shift patterns and schedule your roster ahead of time. Allowing you to have a quick, simple overview of who’s going to be on shift & when.

2. Rota scheduled as per budget

You can effectively handle the personnel budgets with time attendance solutions. The system will ensure that you remain within projected budgets, and expected vs actual expenditures can be easily reported on, whether budgets are centrally controlled or handled by individuals who are accountable for their budgeting process.

3. Limit the time spent on management and staff queries

A time attendance solution can help the HR department and managers spend less time asking employees about their availability & schedule. A rota can be published as soon as it’s been created for the coming weeks or even months. Each member of your team can then easily see their upcoming shifts & holidays.

4. Reduce payroll expenses by keeping track of your employee punctuality

Time attendance devices allow you to check your employees’ punctuality and verify if they are on time and working the correct hours contracted. Employees can clock in and out using a smartphone app or tablet making it easy to monitor where they clock in from too. A time attendance solution will accurately report on whether contractual hours are being worked and quantify over-time based on company policies. Intelligent time attendance systems can also handle automatic rounding rules & ensuring staff are paid from the time of their shift rather than from the time they clock in.

5. Keep your confidential information secure.

A highly advanced time attendance solution can put a limit on what data users can see or modify by configuring the device accordingly to give access to only key personnel. User permissions are always an imperative consideration, ensuring confidential information in safe hands.

6. Absence management

Managing absence reasonably and successfully can be difficult for any company. Effective software can help enforce the company’s policies and alert you to patterns of absence that might need further investigation or intervention. HR teams and line managers can use real-time and planned reports to resolve any problems and effectively handle all forms of absence digitally.

7. Prevent time abuse and payroll fraud

Manual procedures such as paper-based timesheets or manager-approved overtime are vulnerable to fraud, coercion, or basic human error. However, using online software improves transparency, reliability and allows timesheets and overtime to be adequately reviewed. An effective software will also have controls in place to counteract buddy punching, such as taking a picture on clocking in or face recognition.

8. Reports at your fingertips

The ability to produce a report at the click of a button is one of the most prominent features of a good time and attendance system. You can generate a series of reports that can be viewed on-demand, as well as dashboards that show live data while factoring in all variables that matter to your company.

RotaCubed can help provide all the necessary features that your business is looking for when it comes to an effective time attendance solution. With features for time attendance, rota scheduling & leave management, RotaCubed helps your business manage the small task while you work on growing your business to its full potential.

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