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Time Attendance Kiosk App


A Simple, Stand-alone App to Track Time Attendance

The SignFlow Kiosk app allows you to place a tablet on-site allowing you to track time attendance with ease.

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3 Ways to Clock In

A 4 Digit Pin is all you need!

Employees can tap in their 4 digit pin and choose a relevant shift to clock into, it’s as simple as that!

No more wasting time with Thumbprint machines that struggle to work or Paper timesheets that get really messy.

Face as a Password (Coming Soon)

Our face recognition solution is guaranteed to make the time tracking process a walk in the park for your staff!

A picture is quickly captured and matched with a picture registered to the employee record. The whole process can take less than 10 seconds.
What’s more, we encrypt all facial data with the same encryption level used by Banks!

Smile, you're on camera! (Coming Soon)

To help avoid buddy punching, we’ve incorporated random picture taking. At random intervals, set by you, a picture can be taken of the employee clocking in; helping the fight against Buddy Punching

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Works Completely Offline!

Network failure is bound to happen, and when it does, we’ve got you covered! The SignFlow Kiosk app allows employees to track their shift, even when there is a complete network failure; this means you never lose essential data.

As soon as the internet is back up, the SignFlow Kiosk automatically syncs itself to the cloud and pushes out your data, ready to carry out crucial tasks such as reporting and payroll.

Log Breaks Taken

In specific industries, logging breaks taken by your staff is a legal requirement. With the SignFlow Kiosk, you can enable the option for your team to log their breaks from start to finish at the click of a button!

Automatically Syncs to the Cloud

You’ll never have to worry about manually downloading to exporting data to a computer anymore! The SignFlow Kiosk automatically connects to the cloud and syncs your data every 5 minutes.

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